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Maharashtra’s only Fort Heritage hotel – Fort Jadhavgadh

How would you feel like if you were a king for a day? This is a question we all have come across in our childhood days but now this question seems to get a pretty substantial feel with what we’re here to offer. It’s pretty obvious it’d be really “COOL” if you could be a Maharaja for a day or two. Well what would you say if we can make that possible for you! Ofcourse you won’t have the responsibilities of a king, like presiding the royal court and going to the war or defend your fort etc but yes you can always sleep like a Maharaja or a Maharani at the Maharaja Suite and Maharani Suite or stay inside royal tents, relish exotic cuisines while you listen to some heart melting gazhals, witness martial art performance named Daan Patta , a little bird watching or deer spotting maybe, find yourself amidst a royal wilderness at the Neem Forest Cottages or just getawed discovering the 300 year old history seeming through every artifacts profoundly kept inside the museum “Aai”, live with the feeling of being around something so truly exotic that every  brick and stone standing tall and proud around this 22 acres of royal awesomeness is all at your disposal; there’s much more but… Phew!!!

Alright! Hope you get the picture now right? So this is Fort Jadhavgadh the only Fort Heritage luxury resort in Maharashtra and one of the most prolific Holiday destinations in Pune where a royal life styleis all yours to claim in the most comfortably awesome ways. With every amenities provided adequately to suite your urban and royal expectations we at Fort Jadhavgadh believe in offering you an experience that you can relate to, with your lifestyle, your anticipation and above all you comfort, meeting all standards of those affluently exclusive Hotels near Mumbai.

Fort Jadhavgadh is also a very popular choice for organizing weddings and corporate events alikewith various staying options like suites, premium rooms, cottages and tents, facilities like wedding arrangements, banquets, conference halls, board rooms,  uphill restaurants, café, Poolside bar etc Whatever the event or the occasion maybe it’s pretty obvious that while you’re inside the Fort you become royal guests and you bet you will be treated like one because at Fort Jadhavgadh the legends get louder and feel closer, the heritage extravaganza never ends but begins with your arrival. So we’ll always await for it.


It’s all about a royal comfort when it comes to the only luxury heritage fort resort in Maharashtra, FortJadhavgadh, Pune; where 300 years of history of the Maratha Regime comes alive in the most extravagant ways.The resort is spread across 25 acres of land, the services and amenities offered here define the true existence of once known royal life style.

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